Equidistant from the celebrated crus of Margaux and Saint-Julien, the viticultural commune of Lamarque occupies a central position within the Médoc terroir.

The Château and its walls date respectively from the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries; amongst its illustrious former occupants it counts Monsieur de Bethman, who was Mayor of the City of Bordeaux, and the Clauzel family.

It is upon this privileged site, within the area of Moulis, that the 78 hectares of the domain of the Château du Cartillon Haut-Médoc are to be found. Cap l’Ousteau is the second wine of the Château du Cartillon, and benefits from the same careful attention paid to its prestigious elder sibling. The marquee allows the youngest vines of the domain, carefully blended with their older neighbours, to show their full potential.

The 45 hectares of the vineyard occupy a remarkable position, stretching across two hilltops. Their thick, sandy soil of ‘graves’ (a mixture of sand and clay) constitutes a highly favourable base for viticulture. Composed of Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Cabernet franc and Petit Verdot, the division of grape varieties, meticulously maintained, has been chosen to harness the very best of this potential. The modern equipment of the Château’s cellars assures a meticulous and carefully crafted process of vinification. The excellent aging potential of the wine subsequently allows a fine vintage to be matured in barrels for around 12 months. The nature of the terroir, the traditional approach to the tending of the vineyards, and the hard work and close attention to detail of the winemakers assure that the wine of Château Cap l’Ousteau represents very faithful embodiment of the Haut-Médoc appellation.


GRAPE VARIETIES : 62% Merlot • 33% Cabernet Sauvignon • 5% Petit Verdot

SOIL TYPES: Sandy-Gravelly, chalky-clay.

VINIFICATION : Traditional in stainless vats with temperature control.