Château de Lamarque is a beautiful Haut-Médoc estate of 35 hectares of vines planted on a rich terroir.

The estate produces wines of excellence, characterized by finesse and elegance. Documents in the Regional Archives show the presence of vines at Lamarque from the XVth century onwards. Once the troubles of the Revolution over, Château de Lamarque developed its winemaking activities. The wines of Lamarque enjoyed commercial success and won many distinctions. In 1960, the renaissance of Château de Lamarque is realised thanks to the passion of Marie-Louise d’Evry and her husband Roger Gromand.

In 1985, their son, Pierre-Gilles Gromand-Brunet d’Evry, took the reins of the estate with his wife Marie- Hélène. Member of Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux, since a very longtime, the Château de Lamarque can be considered as likened to his fellow renowned Grands Crus Classés. To produce a quality wine, Pierre-Gilles Gromand d’Evry says “The philosophy of our vinification is based on the respect of the fruit. Every aspect of the winemaking process is managed smoothly!”


GRAPE VARIETIES : 35% Merlot • 45% Cabernet Sauvignon • 10% Cabernet Franc • 10ù Petit Verdot

SOIL TYPES : Gravel of the quaternary era

VINIFICATION : Traditional. in stainless steel and concrete vats with thermoregulation.

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